Thanking our Donors!

We still have most of a day to go but we have already received over $3,300 in contributions! Time to thank some of the donors who have contributed to the CSU. To be clear, Ed and I are not collecting any money – we’re paying 100% of our costs from our own pockets. We’re asking you to contribute directly to the CSU of your choice, and then let us know about it. You can find all the details on our Donations page.

Our first contribution was a generous $300 from Travis Binen, Jack Mok, and the Delphix team, to Cal Poly SLO! Delphix is the software we use to create virtual data base copies (among other things) in our large, complex environment where we manage all the core systems of the CSU. Delphix has played a huge part in helping us to be more agile and automated, and we really appreciate their commitment to the CSU!

More to come!

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