A couple of years ago, Michael Berman came up with a brilliant/crazy/creative/stupid idea – he could make a marathon tour and visit every California State University campus in a weekend. All 23. Across the entire state of California.

After doing a bit of math, he determined that two days would be absolutely grueling (it’s over 1,800 miles of driving) but three would be enough to make it merely exhausting, so Memorial Day weekend 2020 was set as the tentative date. Ed Hudson was enlisted to ride shotgun (and share the driving). And then… something happened in March 2020.

Anyway, here we are in 2022, and we’re ready to try again. Mainly we’re doing it because we think it will be fun. BUT we’re also hoping to use it to raise awareness of the CSU and perhaps get folks to toss in a few bucks to support the students. We’re going to be live blogging here and on social media throughout the event, and we expect we’ll have a few adventures along the way.

How can you support us?

First of all, we’d love to have you follow us, repost on social media, send us messages and just generally have fun with us.

We’d also be happy to greet folks at the campuses. You can find the time we expect to reach each campus and we’ll update as we go. If you want to say hi, please let us know where we can find you. We plan to hit what we think is a major campus landmark at each spot. We’re even willing to take a few riders if you want to join us for part of the trip.

Finally – your donations are welcome. We are big fans of CSU’s students and we know many of them succeed despite major challenges. We’re posting a set of links to funds that provide for basic needs for students (food, housing assistance, etc.) to help them continue their educations and become successful. Anything you can do is appreciated! Donate, and let us know about it.

By the Way….

This is not in any way an official activity of the CSU. Michael and Ed are doing this on their own time, and their own expense, because they want to do it.

Michael & Ed, May 2022